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PVH is a leading and experienced provider of innovative trackers, structures and SCADA solutions for utility-scale PV solar plants worldwide.

PVH is a leading and experienced provider of innovative trackers, structures and SCADA solutions for utility-scale PV solar plants worldwide.

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PVH’s innovative trackers and SCADA designs are engineered by highly experienced industry professionals, verified by third-party engineers and comply with the regulations for industrial control equipment to deliver the lowest total cost of installation and industry leading reliability.

In less than a decade, PVH has reached an annual production capacity of 3.5GW and has supplied and installed +1,624 MWp solar structures and +1,363 MWp on ongoing solar plants in multiple markets worldwide, earning the experience necessary to successfully manage solar tracker installations of any capacity, at any location.

Pioneers in the installation of solar trackers on dunes

We have an extensive experience in photovoltaic projects in desert areas, where harsh conditions such as high temperatures, abrasivity of the sand and sandstorms play an important role for the proper operating of the solar plant.

Our know-how has led us to be the first to stably fix a solar tracker in a dune area, and today we are suppliers of solar structures of some of the largest global photovoltaic plants that are being built in desert areas of Africa and the Middle East.

Designed for extreme conditions

It’s not usual to find such complicated locations when designing a tracker and our AXONE 4.0 is the ideal tracker for these harsh conditions.

It’s a single-row tracker. That is, a single actuator moves up to 20 rows of 60 modules. It is used in areas with extreme weather conditions, high temperatures and environments where electronics can deteriorate rapidly. This tracker requires an engine and a controller for every 350 to 400 kWp versus a single-row tracker that contains between 20 and 30 kWp of power. Therefore, motors, drives and electronics are reduced between 10 and fifteen times.

More about AXONE 4.0

Value-added benefits of PVH

Mounting assistance for pv solar plants


Materials and supplies always on time


SCADA and control services for pv solar plants


structure calculation for solar PV plant


mounting and installation pv plants


Commissioning of solar pv plants


Cabling installation services for PV plants


Complete support and assistance for your pv plant


Our solar structures and trackers are manufactured in Europe


Tons of stocks ready to deliver


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PVH manufacture its solar trackers and structures in Europe

PVH supplies some of the largest
photovoltaic plant builders in the world

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