Axone Duo, PVH’s new solar tracker combining cutting-edge technology and photovoltaic tradition




Axone Duo, includes the advantages of Axone and Monoline solar trackers

Meet Axone Duo, our new double row solar tracker, which combines the best of Axone and Monoline, our two leading products. This confluence results in a tracker with a better balance of controllers and motors between the two types of photovoltaic trackers, establishing a double row of up to 128 modules for each solar tracker. Its configuration, in 1V, reduces wind load, which avoids possible accidents on terrain prone to it. In this sense, its flexibility to adapt to irregular contours, as well as its extendable posts, facilitate the installation and behaviour of the Axone Duo in any condition. Thus, at PVH we have developed a product that draws on cutting-edge technology and photovoltaic tradition to offer its customers the system that best suits their needs.

Axone Duo is a single-axis tracker with central driveline architecture in dual row, which facilitates common maintenance works. By allowing access every two rows, these tasks are perfomed in a similar way to plants with independent row trackers.

One of its greatest advantages is directly related to the use of the aforementioned extendable posts, which are particulary useful for very hard terrain. Each post will be nailed to the depth permitted by the ground conditions and then corrected by screwing the second piece to a greater or lower height so that all posts are aligned to the rotation tube.

One of the novelties brought by Axone, which also includes the Axone Duo tracker, is the cleaning robot. The 1V configuration allows the cleaner to be more efficient and comfortable during its operating time. Axone Duo is already being offered for projects in countries such a Mexico, Canada or Qatar, which demonstrates its ability to be installed on any terrain and its resistance to strong windes and adverse weather.

PVH has become the first supplier of solar trackers in the Middle East region and the third worldwide, according to the 2018’s report on Suppliers of Solar Trackers developed by Wood Mackenzie. Producing more than 4.5GW of aggregate power, our products are worldwide benchmarks in the photovoltaic market. Thanks to the common components of any model of tracker we develop (slew drive, moto, controller, the post heads, the splices and the u-bolts), customers reduce time and cost in their projects, which guarantees success in the energy production of the plant.

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