Increase your ROI from day one with the Axone single-axis tracker.



Increase your ROI from day one with the Axone single-axis tracker.

With Axone, less is more

Axone is a multi-row motor tracker with the capacity to move up to 20 rows and 62 modules with total safety, reducing the use of electronic components, actuators and motors by a factor between 15 and 20 when compared to most single-row solar tracker solutions on the market. This reduces the maintenance cost and the unavailability due to breakdowns. In addition, Axone is designed to last in extreme conditions with minimal maintenance, helping you recover your investment from the very first day.

AXONE Solar Tracker Multirow by PVH

Designed to last

Axone is specially designed to last. We have designed a tracker capable of performing in extreme conditions safely and practically without maintenance. Axone is able to withstand wind speeds of more than 30 m/sg in working position and can work effectively on plots with slopes of up to 3 in the north-south direction, and higher in an east-west direction. In case of need, Axone is able to reach the stow position in less than 7 minutes, reducing the possibility of damage in case of particularly strong winds, typhoons or sandstorms.

It is the ideal tracker for extreme climates. Axone is already working successfully on 45 solar plants around the world, including several plants in deserts of Morocco, Jordan, Mexico and Egypt.

Cleaner 1V

Cleaning robot developed by PVH to optimise the performance of photovoltaic solar plants with Axone

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    axone single axis solar tracker structure in La Laguna PV plant, Mexico