PVH cleaning robot
PVH cleaning robot

PVH CLEANER robot in action

From PVH, we want to introduce our new cleaning robot for solar panels that reduces the loss of efficiency: PV CLEANER.

The accumulation of dirt on the photovoltaic panels is inevitable because they are exposed to the outdoor. This accumulation of dirt can not only reduce the useful life of the solar panel, but also the appearance of hot spots that reduce its efficiency.

The cleaning of panels is essential to avoid these problems and thats why we want to talk about PV CLEANER, a solution that allows to improve the productivity of plants by up to 30%.

Tested in desert areas under real conditions, PV CLEANER is prepared for the cleaning of large-scale photovoltaic plants, water-free and without additional rails to move along the panels, being designed for easy handling and durability in the most extreme conditions.

PV CLEANER has been verified and tested by TUV and meets safety and quality standards.

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