Positioned as the leading supplier of solar trackers in the Middle East and third worldwide


PVH 3th supplier in the global ranking
PVH, leading supplier of solar trackers in the Middle East and third in the world

A report by IHS Markit, places us as third supplier of solar trackers worldwide and first in Middle East

In recent years, our growth has been continuous. In 2017, we entered the Australian market for the first time, and our single-axis solar trackers were selected to be part of some of the largest photovoltaic plants in the world. Among our projects that year, we supplied the Brazilian Sertao plant, which uses our Axone 4.0 tracker, and which has recently been chosen by ePowerBay as Brazil’s most efficient in electricity generation. Since that year, we have been selected as the supplier of 30 PV plants that are being built on five continents with a total power of more than 3GW.

To meet our global commitments, we have increased our facilities to a production capacity of 3.5 GW per year, generating daily the material needed to produce 10MW of clean energy. This growth has taken us to third place in the world ranking of photovoltaic tracker suppliers recently published by IHS Markit, for those solar tracker suppliers that have exceeded 1GW of annual shipments. In addition, we have maintained the leadership we achieved in 2017, but increased the Middle East market share by 32% to 47% of total shipments this year. Almost 1.2 GWdc were shipped by us.

According to this report, the countries to which more solar trackers have been sent are the United States, Mexico, Australia, Egypt and Spain; countries where we already have an important presence supplying and installing our solar trackers in some of the most important projects in these markets, demonstrating our ability to offer solutions in large utility-scale projects. IHS foresees a 30% growth in utility-scale photovoltaic installations during 2019, and the adoption of advanced solar tracking methods by emerging markets.

This growth, together with the lower cost of some components, has made photovoltaic energy one of the cheapest to produce and an important focus of international investment. At PVH, we have been able to adapt to the market, and as a result of this, today we are in an international leadership position in the global ranking of solar trackers suppliers.

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