ProInsights tracker SCADA software by PVH
ProInsights tracker SCADA software

Maximizes energy production from solar trackers

Solar tracking systems are a relevant and long-term investment in a FV solar plant construction project.

After PV plant commissioning, operate and maintain the solar tracking system over the time is key to success in terms of maximizing the system uptime, and minimizing the potential failures and operational costs of your tracking system.

With the aim of supporting the O&M strategy for the PV solar plant, PVH has design ProInsights SCADA, an all-in-one SCADA for remotely monitoring, control, analyse and maintain your solar tracking system.

All – inclusive – solution for monitoring, control and maintenance your solar tracking system

With the aim of supporting the O&M strategy for the PV solar plant

Specially designed for operators and plant managers to provide real time operational visibility of the tracking system as a top priority, facilitating and making more efficient & reliable the system maintenance work.

ProInsights SCADA is delivered pre–configured from the factory, with tested and pre-installed software, and requires minimal engineering before installation and commissioning onsite.