Value added services

Our best professionals accompany you throughout the process to guarantee the best result.

Value added services

Our best professionals accompany you throughout the process to guarantee the best result.


We can coordinate delivery of materials according to client’s requirements. PVH utilizes lead logistics to provide a rolling, “just-in-time” delivery so that work crews have a steady flow of components which must be installed during the months of work required to build out the solar plant. This prevents the storage of large quantities of material in the plant itself without  ever being depleted of materials.

Our 80,000 tons of components stored and our special location, near the port of Valencia, allows us to serve any order in a record time anywhere in the world.


PVH has invested in a state-of-the-art metal manufacturing equipment to ensure competitive price points. By having its own metal transformation facility equipped with modern, labor-saving tools we are able to be highly competitive, in addition to allowing for tighter quality control, reduced manufacturing time, and greater control of timeframes.

PVH is certified by the European Quality Assurance for the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 and the UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2015 as the Quality Management System and the Environmental Management System.

PVH manufacturing certificate ISO 14001 PVH manufacturing certificate ISO9001

Comprehensive engineering & site support

PVH collaborates with its clients to create the most ideal solutions for their projects, providing value-added services from the beginning of the project to the commissioning. These standard services include:

Mounting service & assistance to third party

PVH offers the possibility to carry out the mounting and assembly of its structures. It has riggers and drilling equipment to carry out the foundations and supervisors to control the execution by hiring personnel from the area where the plant will be built.

In case you don’t want PVH to do the assembly, we offer technical assistance during assembly by third parties, assisting in the foundations, the assembly of the structure, modules, the commissioning and the start-up of the plant.

Structural calculation

Working with the best calculation techniques in the market based in 3 main points: 

Wind loads definition: This is one of the critical points in the solar sector, from PVH we work with the more experienced engineerings in the sector (CPP, UOIT, IDR). We have performed several wind tunnel tests like full scale, static scaled wind tunnels and aerolastic tests to check phenomenons like flutter.

Structural Calculations: All our analysis are done with FEM (Finite Element Models) using software like Ansys or Abaqus. The analysis are from global models to check the behaviour of the complete structure until small detailed models to check all the joints.

Foundation analysis: Our team of geotechnical experts in collaboration with the UPM study in detail the different soils situations. We give solutions for every kind of soil and carry out pull out test campaign in order to verify the predesign or adjust parameters.

POT campaign & trackers commisioning

The POT campaign is a very important test for tracker foundations design. Performing these, we can define the type and the length of the post and, in addition, detect all the future problems that EPC has to face off during construction.

Once the posts have been correctly driven, we check the correct installation and assembly of the trackers and proceed to the appropriate configuration and commissioning of the systems that make the structure carry out the solar tracking.

Turnkey construction

Mitigating project risk is a primary objective of many Developers and EPC companies. For this reason, PVH offers an optional “turnkey” tracker installation as a value-added service. Because PVH was founded by construction industry, EPC, and solar professionals and is not “just” a steel fabricator, this differentiation makes for smooth PV structure installation, reducing project risk and uncertainty.