PVH joins agrivoltaics and adapts its trackers to European market trends


In recent years, the adoption of agrovoltaic systems has increased in European agricultural landscapes, marking a new era in sustainable energy production. These systems seamlessly integrate agriculture with solar photovoltaic energy production, revolutionizing land use by installing solar panels on agricultural or livestock land.

Renewable energy generation and agricultural activities thus share the same space. For this reason, agrovoltaics present a variety of benefits including income diversification for farmers, protection of crops against adverse weather conditions and mitigation of soil erosion.

Customized use for maximum agricultural and energy efficiency

PVH’s commitment to innovation is reflected in its focus on integrating advanced technologies into agrivoltaic systems to optimize performance. PVH’s solar tracking solutions offer increased energy efficiency by tracking the sun’s path throughout the day, resulting in increased energy production. In addition, their elevated panels provide easier access to crops, sunlight and machinery or personnel needed for farming tasks, ensuring more efficient use of the land. This expertise has already been put to the test in the Winesolar project, the first smart agrovoltaic plant in Spain, which is equipped with a PVH tracker.

As a manufacturer, PVH controls the entire