PVH presented its SCADA solutions and solar trackers at Intersolar Europe


PVH stand at Intersolar Europe, where we present our novelties in scada systems and solar trackers
PVH stand at Intersolar Europe, where we present our novelties in scada systems and solar trackers

At Intersolar Europe we presented our latest SCADA systems and solar trackers

Intersolar Europe, the world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry, took place between June 20 and 22 in Munich (Germany) and gathered more than 65,000 attendees. PVH was present as an exhibitor to spread its SCADA solutions for solar photovoltaic plants and its single-axis solar trackers.

SCADA solutions by PVH

Currently, PVH monitors and controls a total capacity of 1 GW, which is distributed in more than 12 countries from all five continents, and offers scalable and customized solutions for acquiring data, supervision and control of photovoltaic plants. This allows the operators and owners of the plants to maximize energy production and increase their ROI (Return On Investment).

PV Performance Control® (PVPC) was the control and monitoring SCADA solution presented by PVH at the exhibition. It is a platform for utility-scale solar PV plants, based on a local central server for data acquisition and storage, real time monitoring and control, alarm management and generation of customized operational and financial reports. PVPC is a multiplatform and web-based SCADA solution, efficient, secure and interoperable.

PVH also presented its cloud-based monitoring solutions for solar PV plants at the industrial segment. In both segments, industrial and utility-scale, PVH offers solutions with the possibility to integrate different electricity generation technologies, such as energy storage and power generation groups, apart from the solar PV one.

Advanced scada system for the monitoring and control of solar photovoltaic plants by PVH

The integral solution offered by PVH provides all the necessary products and services to the client for the full implementation of the SCADA system in a solar installation, and its subsequent maintenance. It includes design activities and project management, hardware and software supply, SCADA programming, onsite commissioning and technical support.

Data have an essential role in the operation efficiency improvement of solar plants. For this reason, PVH integrates Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Data Analytics technologies in its monitoring solutions, through processing, analysis and the subsequent interpretation of the data.

In a context in which solar photovoltaic energy will continue to grow exponentially, and in which this technology can lead electricity production from renewable sources in the next ten years, PVH wishes to take a leading role as a provider of supervision systems and plant control, with an integration of solar photovoltaic technology at industrial and utility-scale levels. By this, PVH will play a relevant role in the transition to a more sustainable energy production model.

The best single-axis solar trackers

PVH also presented its excellent single-axis trackers at Intersolar Europe. Each of them covers different needs, depending on the characteristics of the project. The Monoline trackers stand out because of their motor-per-row architecture, which makes them especially suited for hilly terrain and irregular shaped plots (with the option of bifacial version). On the other hand, the Axone 4.0 tracker is distinguished by its linear and pull/push driveline and centrally located motors, which make it very useful for reducing the operational and maintenance costs of PV projects without compromising their potential.

Both Monoline and Axone trackers are designed to be easy to install and operate, have a 25-year design life, integrate with most SCADA systems by remote control and require very low maintenance.

PVH considers its presence at the Intersolar Europe exhibition as a great success. The company will also be present at Intersolar North America, which will take place between July 10 and 12 in San Francisco (USA), and at other events throughout the world during the rest of the year.

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