PVH repeats as the world’s third largest solar tracker manufacturer


PVH repeats as the world's third largest solar tracker manufacturer

PVH repeats as the world's third largest solar tracker manufacturer

We become third largest supplier of solar trackers with 9% of global market shipments in 2020. We also consolidate our leading position in the European and African markets.

We have delivered more than 12 GW worldwide currently, further strengthening our production capacity with a new manufacturing site in the Middle East.

We offer the most technologically innovative, intelligent and robust solar tracking solutions in the renewable industry.

We repeat as the third largest solar tracker supplier worldwide in 2020. Our supply activity accounts for 9% of total global shipments, leading the markets in Europe, Africa. According to the annual report Global solar PV tracker market shares and shipment trends for 2021 published by Wood Mackenzie, we are in third position, being the first Spanish company on the list.

Despite the situation generated by the pandemic during the past year, our activity has increased by 4% compared to the previous year, highlighting our leadership in Africa and Europe, where it has around 30% of total shipments; in Spain, also with almost 30% and a 15% growth, supplying some of the most important projects in the country; and our leading positions in solid markets such as the United States, Australia and the Middle East. Our consolidation as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in the industry is mainly due to:

  • Our extensive network of local manufacturing sites around the world, from our headquarters in Spain to the recent opening of our factory in Saudi Arabia, facilitates contact with local customers and suppliers.
  • Our close alliances with experienced local partners ensure that we are represented in each country where we manufacture, supplie and install our photovoltaic solutions.
  • Our production capacity to undertake all the projects we contract with agility, quality and commitment.
  • Our logistical capacity to ensure that shipments arrive on time and in the conditions required by our customers.
  • Our constant technological innovation and manufacture with components of the highest standard.
  • Our solid base of structural design, wind tunnel testing, adaptation to the needs of each project and regulatory knowledge of the markets where we work.

As our COO, Emilio García, explains: “At PVH we are convinced that our annual growth shows that we are on the right track to establish ourselves as one of the most solid, agile and high quality partners in the industry. We continue to increase our capabilities to offer our customers a robust service that ensures the logistics of our products, their correct installation and an optimisation of the performance of the photovoltaic plant”.

In the continental markets of Europe and Africa, where we lead alone, we have supplied more than 1.3 GW of our solar tracking solutions. In the United States, where we rank fourth, we have been the company with the largest year-on-year growth differential in the American giant.

If we turn westwards around the globe, we find a growth of 7% in Australia, where we have become the first foreign company to supply local steel, having installed our solar tracking solutions in several projects of over 100 MW each.

We are in a period of constant growth, in which we are firmly committed to expanding our network of manufacturing centres to the main markets of the renewable industry, thus complying with the local content policies required in the markets where we operate.

In this regard, we have recently announced the opening of a new production centre in Saudi Arabia, from where we will manufacture and supply our solar tracking solutions to some of the main photovoltaic projects in the Middle East region.

Our figures reflect our influence in the renewable energy sector “as a trusted partner, with a great capacity to position itself at the technological forefront, as well as to adapt not only to the particularities of each project and client, but also to the regulatory, geographical and cultural norms of each country in which it works”, says Emilio García.

With this new report, we demonstrate our ability to deal with complex situations, such as the one that triggered Covid-19, with firmness, professionalism and a business sense committed to our clients and projects. Our next objectives, as Emilio García reveals, are to “increase growth in the United States, the Middle East and Australia, while maintaining activity where we are already leading. We want to be the world’s largest manufacturer and the most trusted partner for our customers. We are on the right track”.

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