PVPC scada software for PV plants by PVH

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PV Performance Control

A customized SCADA solution for PV solar plants to maximize the energy production and increase your ROI

PVH advanced scada software solution

PVPC Performance Control® is a scalable SCADA solution specially design for monitoring and control PV solar plants in industrial and utility-scale segments. It is an efficient, task-oriented interface and web-based cross-platform solution, accessible on computers and smartphones. The SCADA projects are designed according to the standard IEC 61724-1.

Complete control of your PV plants. All of them.

PVPC is the advanced SCADA solution to monitor and control solar PV plants. PVPC performs real-time data acquisition of plant field devices such as inverters, trackers, weather stations, strings or the substation, and stores the information either in a local central server or in the cloud. Likewise, it allows integration with third parties such as the country’s electricity grid operator, the SCADA of the substation or the customer’s remote-control center. It launches SCADA clients locally or remotely, from anywhere and at any time. Maximize the performance of your solar plant with the SCADA PV Performance Control solution.

Take control. Whenever. Wherever.

PVPC makes SCADA mobile! With our application for mobile devicessmartphones and tablets, you can monitor your photovoltaic plants at any time and from anywhere. Now you can go on a trip or go to a meeting on the other side of the planet without missing any detail of the operation of your solar plants. Connect to your entire team and take full control wherever you are.

And do not miss a thing! With PVPC you can manage alarms and get notifications via email or SMS on your mobile.

Control your PV plants wherever with PVH SCADA solutions

We deliver turnkey projects

The scope of works covers all the activities in the supply chain, from the customized and innovative technical project design based on customer requirements and onsite commissioning by PVH team, to after sales support and preventive maintenance works. With our helpdesk portal, we guarantee the customers the maximum performance of their solar plant and the highest quality offered services according to the established SLA agreements.

Monitoring equipment supplied to the projects