An intelligent architecture to optimize performance

At PVH, we design our solar tracking solutions, increasing your profit in production and your availability in daily operation, with the aim of optimizing the performance of each project.

To achieve our strategy, we rely on a robust, scalable and versatile software architecture designed in layers based on the LoRaWAN protocol and its long-range technology, LoRa.

Smart Controller PVH
Smart Controller PVH

LoRa allows us to reach through an optimized and redundant deployment of antennas to all trackers, including the most remote ones, so that the information reaches all controllers at the same time. To do this, we have a network in which the central controller (TBOX) sends messages to all solar tracker controllers (DBOX) simultaneously.

This helps us to:

A step beyond intelligence

For the development of our intelligent controllers we bet on IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) technology, in addition to algorithms, such as adaptive 3D backtracking, machine learning or production optimization with diffuse irradiation, which allow us to get the most out of the photovoltaic plants.

From the geographical coordinates and the data collected by the various sensors of each plant, the algorithms come into action, processing said data and turning it into very valuable information, a key element in the decision-making of our controllers. These decisions allow the optimization of the performance of the photovoltaic plants.

Another of the great advantages of our solution is that, regardless of the stability of communications, we manage to reach all the trackers in the plant and, consequently, improve the gain and availability ratios. This, together with PVH’s constant work to maintain an architecture that avoids system obsolescence, allows us to carry out software updates for the equipment already installed that optimize the characteristics and performance of the plant.

Versatility at the customer service

Our clients invest in future technology from the immediate present. Obsolescence does not exist when we talk about the PVH solution. Through our own FUOTA (Firmware Update Over The Air), we are able to deploy new firmware to all of our controllers simultaneously through LoRa.

Another advantage is that it can be integrated with Pro-Insights, our own SCADA monitoring system specifically designed and integrated for tracking our solar trackers. This gives our customers access to, among other things:

In addition, it can be integrated with a predictive system of Operation and Maintenance (O&M) control and even stock, whose management allows us to anticipate with foresight to the request for spare parts.

Scada Tracker - PVH
Scada Tracker - PVH