An event organized by Enerclub, Cátedra de Energía de Orkestra-IVC of the University of Deusto and with the collaboration of CIEMAT

Last Wednesday, March 29, PVH was invited by the Spanish Energy Club (Enerclub) to a conference in Madrid, about the technological frontiers in transport, distribution and energy storage.

Enerclub aims to be a valuable meeting point and forum of reference in energy matters that facilitates the debate and the diffusion of ideas, the study of subjects and the exchange of experiences, in relation to the production, transformation, transport, storage, distribution and a more rational use of energy in its different modalities.

Among the speakers, were responsible, directors and presidents of big companies such as: Red Eléctrica de España, Siemens, Endesa, Iberdrola Distribución and Ingeteam, among others. Of course, PVH was not going to be less and attended to speak about Energy Storage.