Monoline+, a solar tracker designed for ultra high power modules

The newest solar tracking solutions, specifically redesigned for large-format ultra high-power modules

Monoline+ tracker for large-format high-power modules

Larger modules

Our Monoline solar tracker family, redesigned for Large-Format Ultra High-Power modules

LoRaWAN wireless communication

Long-range LoRaWAN wireless communication has very low power consumption, increased interference tolerance and sensitivity for receiving data

Bifacial modules

Compatible with and validated by major module suppliers. Panel rail designed for high-load and to minimize backside shadowing.

Monoline+ solar tracker - motor detail
Monoline+ advanced controller for optimal backtracking 3D

Fully tested in aerolastic wind tunnel

Developed with CPP in specific static and 3D aerolastic wind tunnels to analyse the behaviour of our tracking system 

Adaptive Backtracking 3D

Adaptive Backtracking 3D and machine learning algorithm, optimize production for complex terrain PV plants sites

Robust structure

Robust structure made of HDG steel or Magnelis and are apt for direct module attachment and grounding

Perfect adaptation to the terrain, perfect adaptive backtracking 3D

At PVH, we have redesigned the Monoline+ motors and controllers to have an exceptional response whatever the terrain orography, individually adapting each string to respond optimally to any wind load and adaptive backtracking 3D.

MonolinePlus 1-in-portrait configuration for bifacial modules
MonolinePlus PVH solar tracker for large modules


Two configurations to get the most out of the latest generation of high-power modules

MonolinePlus 1-in-portrait configuration
Monoline+ in 1P configuration is PVH's single row PV tracker for high power modules

Highest wind-resistance
Monoline+ in 1P configuration is PVH’s newest single-row tracker redesigned Large-Format Ultra High-Power modules, with a high wind-resistance and view factor, which makes it the best option for bifacial modules.
From 79.5 – 97.02m long depending on the type of module and number of modules per string.

Monoline+ 2-in-portrait configuration
Monoline+ 2P is PVH's single row PV tracker high-power modules

For difficult soils
Monoline+ in 2P configuration is PVH’s newest single-row tracker redesigned for Large-Format Ultra High-Power modules, with a unique feature that is it’s Modular Design with distributed slew drive (1 per 20m) which offers a better adaptability to the terrain and position control than similar 2P trackers and makes it easier to align during assembly. 1 string tracker from 14.46 – 21.87m long depending on the type of module.

Monoline+ LoRa wireless controllers
PVH uses LoRa wireless communication

LoRa for optimal communications

PVH uses LoRaWan to ensure long-range communication throughout the PV plant, with no blind spots or interference. LoRa wireless technology creates a stable, secure and energy-efficient network, regardless of the PV plant size or terrain.

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