Fixed-Tilt Racking with Bifacial Enhancement

Guarantee the cost-effectiveness of your plant
SolarFix Robustness and resistance on site

100% module configuration adaptability,
a standard 25-year structure warranty and wind tunnel tested

PVH solarfix structure

Adaptable, optimized and efficient solar structure

Starting from a raw material of high quality, our structure is comprised of HDG and Magnelis parts, being optimized to achieve a very low value of Kg steel/module, complying with all the requirements and regulations applicable in the location where it will be installed.
In addition, the module clamping system is more economical, with no maintenance due to the elimination of moving parts.

Efficiently designed with very high assembly tolerances so that production ratios are always as high as possible, it is ideal for locations with great slopes or space restrictions as it concentrates greater capacity in a smaller space.

SolarFix also has an extremely adaptable design to any type of terrain and climatology and is suitable for any type of module available on the market, including thin-film and bifacial modules.

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axone single axis solar tracker structure in La Laguna PV plant, Mexico