Solar trackers

Optimized solar tracking solutions to meet every need

Meet our advanced tracker solutions

Multi-row, bifacial or wireless – we have developed a solution for every need, considering the terrain, the climate and the energy needs of each plant.

Multi-row solution for flat terrain and extreme weather

Axone is PVH’s multi-row single-axis tracker, able to move 20 rows with up to 64 solar panels each one with just one motor. Durable and reliable, Axone helps you optimize the performance of the solar plant from the first day.

Single-row solutions for irregular plots

Monoline is PVH’s single-row solution for large-scale PV plants, able to move up to 90 panels in one row and suitable for bifacial. Monoline is easy to install and requires minimum maintenance, making it the ideal solution for irregular or hilly terrains

Experts in desert areas

Our know-how has led us to be the first to stably install a solar tracker in a dune area, and today we supply solar structures for some of the largest global photovoltaic plants that are being built in desert areas of Africa and the Middle East.

Solar trackers and SCADA solutions for PV solar plants