European Product Design Awards honors the design of the DBox5


PVH would like to congratulate Lúcid on its win at the prestigious European Product Design Awards (ePDA), among which the design of our DBox5 stands out. This recognition is a testament to PVH’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the development of cutting-edge technologies.

Behind this award is pioneering industrial innovation that we successfully integrate into our technology. That is why we at PVH are proud to make our suppliers and colleagues a part of our strategy to take care of all aspects of our success. The added value we bring positions PVH as a leader in the solar industry and at the forefront of design.

Design as added business value

Our experience is that innovation is not just about creating something that happens to be appealing, but it is essential to apply intelligence and purpose to every detail. The DBox5 is not just an aesthetically pleasing device. It incorporates specific sustainability engineering parameters to reduce CO2 emissions and waste generation, resulting in a more efficient product with less environmental impact and that has reduced its carbon footprint by 18%. The DBox5 is specifically designed to offer an easy-to-install system and an intuitive control interface that redefines the user experience.

“Design is not just about how a product looks, but how the user interacts directly with it,” says Arturo Menor, Product Design Manager at PVH. “An innovative and functional design improves usability, increases customer satisfaction and can be decisive in differentiation from the competition, becoming a critical factor for commercial success and user loyalty. All of this is reflected in the DBox5, where the user can experience how the innovative design interacts naturally with its environment of use.”

The current design of the DBox5 fulfills two fundamental aspects: adaptability to the tracke