Bifacial solutions

Maximize the performance of your PV plants

Take advantage of the last ray of sun

Bifacial modules are capable of producing energy on both sides, by the direct impact of the sun and by the reflection of the sun’s rays on the ground. PVH’s bifacial solutions are specially designed to avoid shadows and increase energy production.

Now the albedo is producing energy

The ground reflects part of the light it receives from the sun. In the case of ground without vegetation, it is 18%, which increases to 21% in the desert or up to 86% in the snow. Our bifacial solutions allow converting that irradiation into usable electricity, improving the performance of the PV plant.

Less shadows, more production

Our trackers, structures and clamps for bifacial panels are designed specifically to avoid shadows and optimize the capture of irradiation from the ground. Optimizing the components we get a larger surface of the panel free of obstacles and higher efficiency.

Specifically design for your project

The height of the poles and the space between rows are specially designed by our engineers and technicians to optimize the performance of each project, make the most of the bifacial panels and facilitate the maintenance of the PV plant.

Easy installation and very low maintenance

Our solutions are easy and quick to install, allowing us to carry out your PV project in a record time. Our products are designed to require a very low level of maintenance, helping you to obtain the maximum level of production with the minimum cost.