Europe’s largest photovoltaic plant, optimized with Axone Duo


Francisco Pizarro photovoltaic plant
Francisco Pizarro photovoltaic plant
Image: Iberdrola

PV Hardware (PVH) has installed its Axone Duo double-row solar structure at Europe’s largest photovoltaic plant. The project, owned by the Iberdrola group, has involved, according to company figures, an investment of more than 300 million euros, and has generated more than 1,500 jobs during peak construction periods, 60% of which were filled by local workers.

PVH, a Gransolar Group company, is the leading European manufacturer and supplier of solar tracking and plant control solutions worldwide. At Francisco Pizarro PVH has installed 1,526,000 photovoltaic modules that, equipped with the Axone Duo horizontal axis tracker, will optimize the plant’s performance.

Cooperation with Iberdrola

In the words of Emilio García, COO of PVH: “Being the supplier of solar structures for the largest project in Europe is a success that reflects our work throughout the value chain of photovoltaic solar tracking“. García adds that “we thank the Iberdrola group for their confidence in our experience, technology and professionalism. We continue to work to develop solutions that increasingly optimize our projects”.

Thanks to the technology that accompanies the modules, it is estimated that the installation will generate enough clean energy to cover the electricity demand of more than 334,000 homes – more people than the four largest towns in Extremadura combined – and will avoid the emission into the atmosphere of 150,000 tons of CO2 per year.

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