Miguel Angel Escribano, Head of Global Sales: “We want to grow globally and consolidate our position in different markets”


The solar PV landscape has experienced unprecedented growth in recent years, and Miguel Angel Escribano, Head of Global Sales at PVH, has a clear vision of how the company can continue to lead this evolving market.

With a 12-year track record in the industry, Escribano has accumulated a wealth of experience working in companies involved in solar component manufacturing and has been heavily involved in international markets such as Latin America, the United States, the Middle East and Australia.

Q: What is your strategic vision for expanding PVH’s presence in the markets in which you operate, especially Europe, Middle East and USA?

A: Our vision starts with consolidating our position as a leader in solar energy in the global markets where we operate. To achieve this, we are focusing on three key points: proximity to the customer, through local teams and regional factories to adapt to the specific needs of each market; technological innovation, represented by the launch of AxoneDuo I