Monoline 2V solar tracker by PVH, approved by First Solar for its new Series 6 modules


PVH Monoline 2V - First Solar Serie 6

First Solar Serie 6 and Monoline 2V single axis tracker

Prestigious manufacturer First Solar has already shown its new PV modules Series 6, designed with thin film technology, working with PVH‘s Monoline 2V solar tracker.

American company First Solar, international leader in solar PV module manufacturing, organized a demostration event in Rüsselsheim am Main (Germany), where its new Series 6 modules were shown at a demo site. Among the different solar trackers that accompanied the new modules in these tests was PVH‘s Monoline 2V, which has been approved by First Solar for its use with Series 6.

PV modules Series 6 by First Solar are a very important step forward in the industry, because they are able to increase energy production significantly. Its thin film technology has been improved to deliver more than 420 watts per connection, and to produce a higher number of MW/h per installed MW.

In addition, the under-mount frame is designed to enable a horizontal stacking configuration, optimizing shipping density, and reducing shipping costs as a result. Futhermore, its use is also easier and maintenance requirements are lower.

The best tracker & module combination

Because of all this, Series 6 modules are the perfect companion to Monoline 2V, one of PVH‘s most successful trackers. Both First Solar and PVH have dedicated years of effort in achieving maximum performance and ease of use with minimal cost, so it was logical to put together these two innovative products, which share the same philosphy and the highest quality standards.

PVH‘s Monoline single axis trackers are especially designed for hilly and irregular terrains, and their motor-per-row technology allows for a higher flexibility and adaptability in all types of locations. Monoline successfully operates in some of the largest PV projects of countries such as Egypt, United States, Mexico and Australia, among others.

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