PVH achieves faster commissioning and repair times with contactless technology


PVH NFC contactless technology
  • Contactless Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is one of the tools that allows the company to be more efficient in the commissioning process of each DBOX, the PVH’s solar controller.
  • Just load the PVH app and bring the smartphone close to the sensor of each controller. The operator will be able to access all the information and speed up the monitoring process.

PVH NFC contactless technology

One of the reasons behind PVH’s leadership in the photovoltaic industry is its commitment to research and development of new technologies that improve the performance of its installations. In addition to the advances that have been incorporated into its solar trackers and structures over the last few years, a new operation and maintenance tool has been added to speed up the commissioning process of its photovoltaic controllers: Near Field Communication (NFC).

NFC is a contactless communication technology, with which PVH performs the commissioning of each of the DBox controllers. In this way, it is enough to download the mobile app of the company and bring the Smartphone closer to the sensor of the controller. At that moment, the commissioning team, and later on the maintenance personnel, will be able to access all the necessary information without opening the box, which is a guarantee of durability and maintenance, since the components will not be exposed to humidity, rain or dust.

Another advantage offered by NFC is that it allows plant operators and maintenance personnel to know the state of charge of the batteries and/or the string current; to change the inclinometers; to detect a possible failure in the solar tracker; and even to load the operating parameters, among others. As PVH’s CTO, Ivan Arkipoff, explains, “NFC also offers the possibility of making an exact copy of the DBox parameters, the controller installed in each solar tracker”.

With this, he points out, “each controller can be replaced by another one quickly and safely, by local maintenance staff with no need for remote intervention, and therefore ensuring mínimum downtime”.With NFC, the company demonstrates its commitment to safer, more efficient systems that improve maintenance and increase the profitability of their facilities.

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