PVH bifacial technology

PVH and its bifacial technology lead the market for solar trackers

The bifacial modules technology that we are developping is revolutionising the photovoltaic sector. To understand its magnitude, it is necessary to be aware of the changes that are taking place in the design of fixed structures and solar tracking.

There are several factors that influence the extra gain obtained, such as the percentage of efficiency of the albedo effect, the solar irradiation time recieved after 24 hours or the configuration of the solar tracker. Thanks to the mastery of all these factors, we have become the leading supplier of structures and solar trackers bifacial modules, with more than 800 MW commissioned and in full operation around the world, thanks to the technology of our solar trackers, able to reorient them according to the position of the sun.

This fact, together with the continuous work of innovation we develop, has made our company a reference for manufacturers and distributors of fixed structures and solar trackers all over the world. We have experienced an unprecedented evolution in the photovoltaic sector during the last two years, in which we have climbed to third place in the ranking of largest suppliers of solar trackers worldwide, according to data released by Wood Mackenzie, with 6.5 GW of aggregate power. In addition, they would have a manufacture capacity of more than 5 GW per year, a figure that shows the turnover that we are achieving as one of the world leaders in the photovoltaic sector.

Thanks to our continuous activity, extensive knowledge, high levels of quality and constant technological innovation in bifacial production, we prove to be one step ahead. Emilio J. García, COO of PVH, explained:

“We have always maintained a strong commitment to innovation and the development of technologies that improve the performance of our bifacial trackers. The research work being carried out at the PVH Innovation Center, analysing the different configurations of our bifacial trackers –Monoline, Axone and Axone Duo-, will allow us to guarantee the customer the maximum performance possible, regardless of the terrain on which they are installed”.

Global success

As the world’s third largest manufacturer of solar trackers and fixed solar structures, we have experienced remarkable growth in recent years. Our success on five continents, since our first installation in 2011, has directly contributed to the production of 6.5 GW of clean energy and has propelled it to be the absolute leader in Europe and the Middle East. Considering our research work and laboratory work at the PVH Innovation Center, it is clear that our company has underpinned its leadership in knowledge, experience and product quality.