PVH becomes Australia’s leading solar tracker manufacturer


Alejadro Cantos, PVH Australia

Alejandro Cantos, country manager of PV Hardware in Australia, analyses in PV Magazine the strategy that has led the company to become the country’s leading solar tracker manufacturer in just under two years. Since its arrival in 2019, PVH has already supplied 2GW in Australia, and in 2022 Rystad Energy places it as the leading solar tracker manufacturer in the market.

According to Alejandro Cantos, the key to success lies on three fundamental pillars. The first one is a customised in-house manufacturing that made a difference right from the start. The second one is a vertical integration of PVH within Gransolar’s business model. And the third pillar is the continuous innovation and adaptation to any terrain that has allowed PVH to survive the trial by fire that the company faced as soon as