PVH IEC62817 Monoline

PVH single-axis tracker, Monoline

PVH validates its single-axis tracker, Monoline, through one of the most restrictive regulations that exist in the market, becoming one of the few companies to obtain this qualification and the first one with the global certification player, which is TÜV Rheinland.

11/01/2018 Its a specific international standard for photovoltaic tracking systems developed by the IEC technical committee. A design qualification standard applicable to solar trackers for photovoltaic systems, called “Photovoltaic Systems-Design Qualification of solar Trackers“, with which the quality of relevant components and the trackers set is evaluated which PVHardware has managed to document through TÜV Rheinland, an independent and internationally recognized certification brand.

In order to obtain this qualification, characterizations and tests of the trackers were carried out, both in the structural and control elements. Obtaining in the first place the parameters that define the product and later the mechanical and climatic tests in order to validate its durability and reliability.

The PVH structures enjoy a great design adaptability, being able to adjust to the local regulations of each country. Despite this, most of the projects are based on Eurocode and the American standard ASCE.

PVH is certified by the “European Quality Assurance” for UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001: 2015 in its Quality and Environmental Management Systems. At the same time, several of its products, including Monoline, comply with CE and UL certification.

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