PVH presents AxoneDuo INFINITY, the most versatile solar tracker


In the ever-changing renewable energy landscape, solar stands out as a beacon of change and PVH is at the forefront of this transformative movement. The company has unveiled at Genera (Spain’s largest energy event) its latest innovation: AxoneDuo Infinity, a breakthrough in its solar tracking system that sets new standards in adaptability, reliability and sustainability.

AxoneDuo Infinity introduces a remarkable level of flexibility, accommodating independent rows and allowing connection between rows and strings to meet specific terrain requirements in different locations, even within a single project. The system allows rows to be interconnected in different configurations, providing a variety of options to optimize project performance and minimize costs. The unlinked mode allows free activation of independent rows equipped with individual motors. This option can be put into operation even after installation, allowing a maximum level of adaptation to the circumstances of each project.

Intelligence beyond steel: Ensuring safety and performance

PVH goes beyond the steel of trackers and structures, prioritizing safety and maximum perf