PVH Presents Its PV Cleaner at the GENERA Exhibition in Madrid


Visitors attending the operation of our pv cleaner at GENERA
Visitors attending the operation of our PV cleaner at GENERA

Visitors attending the operation of our PV cleaner at GENERA, the Renewables Energy Congress held in Madrid

The GENERA exhibition begins today at IFEMA, the Trade Fair Institution of Madrid, and will take place until Friday. This three-day event is defined as an Energy and Environment International Trade Fair, where more than 100 companies from many different countries are present. PVH attends as exhibitor at pavilion 8, stand number 8E14. We invite you to visit our stand, learn more about who we are and what we have to offer.

We will present our innovative PV Cleaner, a cleaning robot that guarantees better than any other product the proper functioning of PV panels in the long term. To capture solar energy, the panels must be exposed to the weather and as a result, accumulate dirt that causes the loss of efficiency of the module and the reduction of its useful life.

PV Cleaner is the ideal tool to overcome these adversities, and its use guarantees a considerable increase of photovoltaic production in projects of any size. The tests carried out in desert areas prove it, and also the strict certificate by PI-Berlin.

All the information about the excellent single-axis trackers by PVH will also be available for GENERA visitors. Each of them covers different needs, depending on the characteristics of the project.

The Monoline trackers stand out because of their motor-per-row architecture, which makes them especially suited for hilly terrain and irregular shaped plots. Its bifacial version is increasingly demanded due to its high efficiency when combined with bifacial modules, a technology that takes advantage from the rear side of the module for obtaining more energy.

PVH also offers the Axone 4.0 tracker. Its linear, pull/push driveline and centrally located motors make it very useful for reducing the operational and maintenance costs of PV projects without compromising their potential.

Both Monoline and Axone trackers are designed to be easy to install and operate, have a 25-year design life, integrate with most SCADA systems by remote control and require very low maintenance.

PVH will be present at other events this year, so you will have many opportunities to see the products we provide first-hand.

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