PVH presents Monoline 3H, the new version of its single axis tracker


PVH Monoline 3H

Monoline 3H one row single axis PV tracker

The aim of the company is to develop innovative products to help the EPC provider to optimize the installation process.

18/10/2017. PV Hardware has launched the new wireless horizontal single-axis tracker, called Monoline 3H, which has the possibility of self-feeding making it a suitable product for hilly terrains and irregular shaped plots, as well as those presenting obstacles.

The Monoline 3H differentiates from the previous one because it integrates three PV modules instead of two; it has a motor-per-row architecture and only nine foundations per tracker, enabling a quicker and less expensive installation. In addition, it has an optimized structural and electro-mechanical design, quality off-the-shelf components, low maintenance and it is suitable to integrate with most SCADA systems.

In brief, this innovative PVH’s tracker is an efficient choice for utility-scale PV solar projects worldwide.

To see it in action, see the video by clicking HERE.

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