PVH reaches a 95% OTIF level, key to guarantee a first level supply


At PVH we are reaching a key OTIF level, which is 95%. Consolidating 95% will help us to guarantee a first level supply for deliveries to our customers.

“On Time In Full”, is a key indicator in supply chain management that measures efficiency in the timely and complete delivery of products. An OTIF level of 95% is considered a high service standard, meaning that 95% of the products are delivered on time and in the required quantity.

This high service level implies effective execution in the Supply Chain, minimizing delays and ensuring that products arrive at their final destination as scheduled. By achieving 95% OTIF, companies demonstrate a consistent ability to meet delivery commitments.

Best customer service across the whole Supply Chain

In the quest to achieve a high level of service, it is critical to address potential bottlenecks in the Supply Chain. Identifying and resolving these critical points can make all the difference in operational efficiency.

Bottlenecks can appear at various stages, from raw material procurement to