Axone Duo

PVH sells 2.2 GW of Axone Duo in just six months

Our new solar tracker, Axone Duo, is being considered as one of the main references in the photovoltaic sector for the coming years. For the time being, we have sold 2.2 GW of the product in just six months, which will be installed in projects during 2020, which is a remarkable milestone for a new product in such a short space of time. The established business model for photovoltaics is evolving towards more varied and less and less standardized formule, which forces us to continually reinvent ourselves and offer a wide catalogue that allows us to cover the needs of any client. In this sense, our philosophy has allowed it to achieve excellence not only in terms of quality and delivery times, but also in terms of trust with customers and investors who increasingly turn to our services and products.

Axone Duo is the last solar tracker that we have added to our portfolio. Combining the best features of our two star products (Axone and Monoline), at PVH we have designed and manufactured a solar tracker compatible with any type of module, with 128 modules per solar tracker. Its low height facilitates installation and ensures greater resistance to strong gusts of wind and adverse weather. So much so that Axone Duo is already being installed in countries such as Australia, South Africa, Jordan, United States, Spain, Portugal, Sri Lanka and Uganda.

Our continuous growth experienced is based on three main areas: our production capacity, which currently stands at 5 GW per year; our logistics capacity, which reached 10% of total shipments of solar trackers globally; and the optimization of facilities with its own assembly department. High profitability and increased efficiency are the cornerstone of the photovoltaic sector, and at PVH we have proven to be a guarantee of both in record time, thanks also to our optimal organization of production activities, subject to quality controls (FAT) to meet the specifications and requirements of its customers. We are committed to technological innovation and continuous development with the aim of designing, manufacturing and distributing products such as Axone Duo, which are capable of adapting to the needs of any project and are at the forefront of new trends and market demands.