PVH supplies 387 MW in the Jeddah PV project in Saudi Arabia


PVH suministrará su Monoline 2V en Jeddah
PVH will supply 387 MWp in the South Jeddah Noor PV project

PVH, one of the world leaders in innovative solar tracking solutions, continues to add major projects to its already large track record. Following the agreement reached with the Indian multinational Larsen & Toubro, the manufacturer will supply 387 MWp of its Monoline 2V bifacial in the South Jeddah Noor PV project, located in the province of Makkah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

PVH has now surpassed 3GW contracted in the country. This figure, supported by its local supply capacity from its own manufacturing centre, has made the company a robust, agile and profitable partner. Like the other projects developed by REPDO, the Jeddah project has the particularity of having a local content requirement, which PVH will obtain thanks to its alliance with local partners and the aforementioned production with local raw materials.

As explained by the company’s Managing Director in the Middle East, Álvaro Casado, “The orography and weather conditions are not a problem for the adaptability of Monoline 2V to the terrain of Jeddah. Our Adaptive Backtracking 3D algorithm that includes the Monoline 2V is the best solution to increase energy production in the area and ensure the durability of the project”.

The solution selected to optimise the performance of the Larsen & Toubro project was Monoline 2V bifacial, designed and tested to maximise irradiance by reducing shadow intensity and potential mismatch losses. In addition, its architecture is tested to withstand the desert climate of the region, which is a guarantee of performance and profitability.

PVH, the world’s third largest manufacturer of solar trackers in 2020, continues to strengthen its presence in the Middle East, where they have recently opened their first production centre and where they are also immersed in new projects. “Jeddah reflects how we adapt to the needs of each customer. Our own production capacity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia facilitates our contact with local suppliers in order to undertake projects as representative as this one in the region with agility, quality and commitment”, adds Álvaro Casado.

The Jeddah PV plant is expected to be completed in 2023.

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