PVH trains representatives of South Africa’s leading solar installers in Valencia


South African companies training ein PVH trackers

PVH has organised a meeting at its factory in Valencia with a group of 20 representatives of the main solar energy installation companies in South Africa. The attendees were able to learn about the manufacturing process at our factory, and after a series of training sessions, they had the opportunity to assemble by themselves the trackers and structures that we manufacture in our facilities.

The goal of this meeting was for those responsible for carrying out the installation of solar projects, to learn about the exclusive pre-assembly process that we carry out in the factory. This process facilitates the installation, greatly reducing the execution time and staff hours, with a drastic reduction in the final cost. In addition to adapting our products and processes to reduce assembly time, PVH follows a policy of training local workers for each project. This way, we create teams of staff trained in the specifications of our products and we also contribute to social development wherever we work, on all five continents.

With an average of 2,500 hours of sunshine per year, South Africa is among the top three countries in the world in terms of solar potential. PVH’s presence in Africa will be vital in its energy transformation process towards decarbonisation, with 478MW already installed in South Africa and 1.3GW more across the continent.

PVH would like to thank all the collaborating companies for their presence and invite them to future meetings and collaborations