PVH to build in Valencia the world’s largest solar tracker factory


Since its founding in 2011, PVH has grown to lead markets in Europe, Turkey, Australia and the Middle East, and has supplied more than 25GW in 230 solar plants worldwide. In order to stay on this growth trajectory, the company needs to expand its capacity in Valencia (Spain), and to this end it has acquired more than sixteen acres of land to build what will be the world’s largest solar tracker factory.

Objective: unify the activity to increase capacity

PVH’s activity is currently divided into seven different locations in a Valencian industrial area, and in the coming months the company will expand its activity with the construction of a tube factory and an investment of more than 20 million euros.

“By bringing all our activity together in the same logistics center, we will be able to increase our capacity and participate in more projects, as well as drive the development and improvement of our products, and at the same time offer better conditions and better service to our customers,” declares Emilio García, COO of PVH.

In 2022, the company processed nearly 200,000 tons of steel in Valencia, which were exported to five continents. With 600 direct jobs and a turnover of more than 800 million euros, PVH is a leading driver of the Spanish renewables industry, as well as a benchmark in Spain’s role as a European power in sustainability at the forefront of the energy transition.

In-house manufacturing ensures more safety and better conditions for customers

By manufacturing its own products PVH controls the entire supply chain and offers its customers shorter delivery times and the ability to