Training days at PVH


PVH training session

PVH sets the stage for days of innovation and industry insight with PVH Training Days, a dynamic showcase that invites partners and customers to explore unprecedented opportunities. Led by the accomplished Key Account Manager for Europe, Silvia Monleón Tomás, and her dynamic sales team, the event promises a transformative experience for companies looking to revolutionize their strategies.

The program for the training day is as follows:

Welcome to PVH: Attendees will have exclusive access to immerse themselves in the visionary world of PVH through an illustrative corporate presentation. Valuable insights will be shared on how cutting-edge solutions will not only meet but exceed business expectations, revolutionizing strategies and elevating operations to unforeseen levels.

Customized Facilities and Solutions: Participants will partake in a fascinating exploration of state-of-the-art facilities, where they will see firsthand how PVH solutions adapt meticulously to the specific needs of each project. From innovative software applications to precision pre-assembly processes, a guided technical tour promises to unveil a range of possibilities, leading the way to a world of transformative potential.

Networking: Within the event’s vibrant atmosphere, attendees will be able to relax and connect with fellow industry professionals. This is a golden opportunity to forge valuable relationships, recognizing them as a critical key to success in today’s competitive business landscape. Networking in a relaxed environment is an essential component of the PVH Training Days experience.

Finally, participants are given the opportunity to dialogue directly with the highly qualified PVH team, allowing companies to raise their specific questions and concerns.