La Laguna - Mexico - Axone solar trackers - SCADA system - PVH

La Laguna PV plant in Durango, Mexico

October 19, 2018. 98 of our multi-row single axis solar trackers Axone will move the 108,314 solar panels installed at La Laguna PV plant in Mexico, located on the eastern edge of the Durango state. Our trackers will enable energy production optimization, and will take full advantage of the sun hours.

The 35.49 MWp plant will produce clean and sustainable energy for 25,000 homes, and will prevent more than 50.000 tonnes of yearly carbon dioxide emission going into the atmosphere.

This is the second project in Mexico where our Axone trackers are installed, after the Camargo PV plant (35.46 MWp) in the Chihuahua state was completed one year ago. Axone is a multi-row single axis solution, especially designed to move up to 20 rows of 60 panels each with just one central motor. Its robustness and minimal maintenance make it very suitable for semi-arid areas, such as the location of La Laguna.

Maximazing energy production with SCADA

We have also been in charge of the SCADA system for monitoring and remote data collection, which can increase up to 5% the performance of the plant. The software we have designed, PVPC Performance Control, also allows for panel production checking, remote alerts and prevention of risk situations that could affect the proper functioning of the plant.

La Laguna has 14 central inverters and 3,476 strings connected by fibre optics to a central server located at the plant. From just one interface, which allows for data management from any location of the planet, technicians can monitor 30,000 variables and manage 28,000 alarms for the different plant devices, such as transformation centers, inverters, trackers and the substation. PVPC can also control the plant’s power, and generate customized operation, financial and management reports.

At PVH, we are already working on three more projects in Mexico (26, 57 and 39 MW), which will further strengthen our position in the Mexican photovoltaic sector.