PV Cleaner 1V shows its cleaning potential at the Pamas PV plant (India)


PV Cleaner PVH Pamas India

PV Cleaner is an innovative cleaning robot designed by PVH that guarantees a considerable increase of photovoltaic production in projects of any size. To capture solar energy, the panels must be exposed to the weather and as a result, accumulate dirt that causes the loss of efficiency of the module and the reduction of its useful life. PV Cleaner is the ideal tool to overcome these adversities.

The robot is currently being used in many projects worldwide, such as the Pamas PV plant in India, where it is very important to have clean panels for taking full advantage of the powerful sun’s rays that reach its location. In addition, PV Cleaner has proven to work especially well in desert areas, where modules are more likely to accumulate sand and dirt. It does not even require water to function, yet another reason that makes it the best possible companion in projects where access to water is limited. This video shows the PV Cleaner 1V model in action at Pamas:

Video of the PV Cleaner 1V in operation in a solar plant in India

As you can see, the robot can automatically clean long rows of modules, and it works by just pressing one button. Its battery autonomy (up to 2 linear km) and its ability to jump between rows (up to 60 cm distance) make this possible.

PV Cleaner is designed with large projects in mind, where it is very difficult to manually clean thousands of modules. This robot is the most comfortable way to keep them all clean, not only because it is extremely easy to operate but also because of its high efficiency and costless maintenance. The PV Cleaner 1V is fully compatible with the newer Axone 4.0 trackers.

This is an exclusive product for clients who acquire our trackers and structures for their projects. We also offer the PV Cleaner 3H version of the robot, which is compatible with our Monoline 3H trackers.

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