PVH consolidated as the market leader in Australia



PVH Australia has consolidated its position as the market leader in the Australian solar tracker market by 2022, according to an analysis by Rystad Energy. Solar trackers are critical to utility-scale solar developments and PV Hardware’s market-leading technology helps developers and EPCs optimise the performance of their projects.

The news comes after PVH replaced previous leader NEXTracker by securing supply agreements with major companies, including FRV, Lightsource BP and ACEnergy. That takes PVH’s total project accounts in 2022 to over 1.9 GW, with a total of 17 projects since PVH entered the Australian market in 2019.

Utility PV capacity by construction start year and tracker manufacturer. Rystad Energy

PVH’s rapid rise to the top of the Australian market in 2022 saw the company reach an estimated turnover of more than AUD$138 million in clean energy projects and net over a billion dollars globally, a 121% increase. As Australia works towards achieving its target of net zero emissions by 2050, the renewable technology sector has experienced unprecedented growth, with new energy projects announcement mounting. After the success of PVH´s first Victorian Renewable Energy Target (VRET) project in 2020, the company has entered negotiations into its second VRET Project to be signed in the first quarter of 2023.

Renewables, key to achieve net zero targets in Australia

Rapid growth in PV, wind, storage and hydrogen technologies remain central to Australia’s energy transition and have recently seen associated sectors experience similar expansions. Although the renewable technology sector is experiencing substantive growth and a healthy pipeline of new solar projects, global events and disruptions such as the rise in raw material costs, COVID-19 and logistical problems, have presented significant challenges to the industry. The less-than-ideal circumstances of the past few years have seen many major renewable energy organisations faulter, struggling to meet demand. This makes PVH’s growth in the Australian market specially significant.

The secret to PVH’s rapid success, according to APAC Manager Alejandro Cantos, results from PV Hardware’s technical expertise, product offering and their bespoke approach to the unique Australian market. “Whilst PV Hardware was already a dominant player in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, when we arrived in Australia, we immediately realised that this market was completely different and quite challenging. We started from scratch by knocking on doors and integrating ourselves. Board support and great technical capabilities, mixed with a uniquely talented team were crucial to survive and achieve our first steps in the country.”

Adaptability and market knowledge as strategyr for success

Cantos explains that “PVH specialises in adapting our structures into new landscapes and projects. Our philosophy is that ‘if no two sites are identical, why should we apply the same solution to both?’. Every site is different, every project is different, and each brings its own unique set of challenges linked to its own tailored solutions. It would be easier to have just one type of product and fully outsource the manufacturing like our competitors.”

“We attribute a large portion of our success in the Australian market by leaning heavily on local talent and local manufacturing” continues Alejandro Cantos. “By owning the manufacturing process and having our own custom-built factories around the world, we have control of production and can deliver Australian customised solutions on time and on budget for our clients, Winton SF the one and only project achieved with almost 100% Australian steel is a living proof of our capability.”

Despite recent success entering the booming Australian renewable energy market, Alejandro Cantos believes that they are still in the early stages of Australia’s renewable energy growth. “We still have room for improvement. Now the difficulty remains in securing our recently acquired first position in the market and we firmly believe the best is yet to come.”

According to Cantos, market knowledge and quality and safety guarantees are the keys to PVH’s good forecasts for the near future. “The Australian market already knows that we are more than just a tech provider, PV Hardware is a solutions provider, Australia requires solutions now more than ever and PVH is here to stay.”
“I firmly believe this nation has everything it needs to become a renewable superpower not only because of its abundance of raw materials and renewable natural energy sources, but also because of its geopolitical standing.”

Further to its expansion in Australia, the company has already secured 65,000m2 in Spain to build what will be the largest solar tracking factory worldwide with 25 GW worth of capacity.

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