PVH will open a new factory in the USA in 2023


PV Hardware (PVH) is about to stir up the American solar industry playing its role as one of the most importante players in the sector. The Spanish company is the third largest solar tracker manufacturer in the world, holding a global market share of almost 10%. With factories in Spain and Saudi Arabia, it has been the market leader in Europe and the Middle East since 2018 and has recently become the leader in Australia as well.

PVH is now taking one step further and is committed to building its own Texas-based factory, which will be up and running by July 2023 and will be the only solar tracker owned facility in North America. This differs from other solar tracker vendors who sign sourcing agreements with various suppliers. PVH designs and manufactures its own products to adapt to the needs of its clients and keep up with the latest trends in the solar community. This business model allows the engineers to work directly with manufacturing and be involved in the process to highly optimize their product to create exact configurations, so opening the way for a whole higher level of innovation.

Adapting to specific needs in each project

With its own inhouse manufacturing, PV Hardware controls every aspect of its product, buying its own steel, electronics to build its own controllers, making their rivets, owning their robotics and paying their own PVH labor for this brand new 6GW plant.

This will be PVH’s third wholly owned factory in the world. The first is in their headquarters in Valencia, Spain. The second is in Saudi Arabia. In both Europe and the Middle East PVH is the number one solar tracker company with the local factory being the driving force in attaining this position.

PVH has been operating in the U.S. since its foundation in California in 2011. It has supplied over 2500MW in 36 photovoltaic projects across the country buying steel from the largest vendors, electronics from around the world, and training their own labor force. For the near future, PVH has designed a well-documented manufacturing planning playbook for solar tracking products and is currently buying goods for the foreseen projects in the next two years. At this new factory PVH will rely on local materials and workforce, boosting the North American economy and contributing an enormous capacity for the expected rapid growth of solar power plants in the US.

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