PVH production center

PVH opens its first manufacturing Middle East branch in Saudi Arabia

As one of the world leaders in innovative solar tracking solutions, we are set to launch our first Middle Eastern manufacturing facility and branch on the soil of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In this new branch, designated as PV Hardware Middle East, we will manufacture PV structures, solar tracking systems and robotic cleaning devices “Made-in-K.S.A.”, to contribute to the country’s industrial development and the achievement of the Kingdom’s 2030 sustainability goals.

As Youssef El-Sayed, our M.E. Managing Director, explains:“This is a major step forward for PVH’s strategy in the Middle East. Our commitment to local manufacturing development in the various regions of Saudi Arabia has prompted us to open our first manufacturing facility in the kingdom. We firmly believe in our contribution to the industry’s value chain for years to come“.

Our new manufacturing branch has recently obtained both a service and manufacturing license from the Saudi government. According to this license, from PV Hardware Middle East will not only manufacture our leading technology in the Kingdom, but also will develop and train local manufacturers, equiping them with the necessary know-how to produce PVH subassembly parts of this technology on their own.