PVHardware new solar projects in Jordan & Malaysia

PVHardware new solar projects in Jordan & Malaysia

For the first time, PVH will work in these two countries.

Renewables gain ground on crude In the Middle East. Countries like Jordan, are preparing to face a future without oil and have opted for the development of renewable energies. Proof of this, is the contract that PVH has recently signed with FRV, to supply 67 MWp with Axone 4.0 trackers, 202 power units and 210 containers in the city of Mafraq, main town in the north of the country.

On the other hand, Malaysia will complete by the end of the year, its first solar plant on a scale of public service. A country increasingly immersed in the renewable energy sector, where PVH has signed with Scatec to start a project in which it will supply 198 MWp with fixed structure, and 360 containers.

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