PVH trains more than 300 technicians in India in cooperation with ISTI


PV Hardware Aston Greens training

Through the solar installation company Aston Greens, PV Hardware is working with the International Solar Training Institute (ISTI) to train local technical staff.

The trainees work with two tracking systems donated by PVH, and after completing the course have the option of accreditation as experts.

PV Hardware Aston Greens training
Trainees of the training programme by PV Hardware and ISTI in India

As part of its commitment to sustainable development, PV Hardware has an active policy of employing local people in its projects. Many of the solar plants, especially the large-scale ones, are developed in remote locations far away from urban populations, where it is difficult to find sufficient personnel with the necessary technical qualifications. In such cases, PVH takes the initiative with local training programmes that will not only benefit said project, but will also give new professionals the opportunity to start a new career as technical experts in the renewable energies sector.

Commitment to the environment and social impulse

Through its solar energy activities, PVH is actively involved in protecting the environment and slowing down climate change. In addition, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, the company is engaged in the social and economic development of the areas in which it operates.

In the early stages of other solar energy projects, it is common to see a slow start to installation, as well as quality and safety issues, as contractors use untrained labour. For the installation of its products, PV Hardware requires personnel with very specific technical and technological training, which is difficult to find anywhere in the world. To meet this need, it develops technical training programmes for workers who will then go on to assemble and manage the installation.

One of the most outstanding initiatives is the social and educational involvement that the company has carried out in India. Through an agreement with the solar installation company Aston Greens, PVH collaborates with the International Solar Training Institute (ISTI), an institution specialising in solar energy skills training, located in the National Capital Region of India.

Specific training for PVH installations

PVH has designed a practical, production-oriented training programme under the guidance of experts. In this training, trainees work with real modules and trackers provided by PVH, thus accelerating the learning curve at the early stages of the project. The programme comprises two tracker systems so that workers can be trained in the installation and commissioning of the systems, and then become certified experts once they have completed the course. The result is a maximum installation rate from day one, as well as the avoidance of costly quality-related rectifications.

Thanks to this collaboration between ISTI and PVH, more than 300 people have received technical training that has radically improved their living conditions and have gone on to work on PV projects in India, Oman, Arabia and other Middle Eastern and Asian countries. The performance of these professionals has far exceeded that of other facilities in the sector.

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